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This website features information about the NBA superstar Manu Ginobili, including his bio, stats, pics, highlights, sneakers and other data.

These game logs have all his basic numbers he recorded throughout his career. This means game by game you can review his points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. For the points category you have a small graphic to appreciate it better.

In the near future we will include the complete game logs for those who want to check all the numbers in other categories.

Every page includes game date, opponent, result and Manu Ginobili points, rebounds and assists.

Manu Ginobili Stats Game by Game
Manu Ginobili Game Logs with the San Antonio Spurs
2008-09 Basic Game Log
2007-08 Basic Game Log
2006-07 Basic Game Log
2005-06 Basic Game Log
2004-05 Basic Game Log
2003-04 Basic Game Log
2002-03 Basic Game Log

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